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As an established Toronto Web Designer, I provide aspiring SoHo businesses with inspired, elegant, custom Marketing Website design solutions that start with a unique perspective.

Every business has a vision of their success. For the last 10+ years, I have personally been helping my clients reach theirs by re-inventing the image of their professional Small Office/Home Office (SoHo) business in Toronto, first through the creation of an original Brand Identity, then, by presenting it to the world through a new, custom designed Marketing Website. And all for very reasonable rates.

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[ We create websites for Publishers and Antiquarian Book Dealers ] [ We create websites for Classical Musicians ]

I also specialize in helping clients who are in a semi-retirement phase yet have become established 'second career' business owners by running a home-based professional or consulting business. Most of my clients are now enjoying success again, partly due to my efforts, while taking immense pride in the crisp, new 'Look & Feel' of their re-energized business.

Thanks to a unique and diverse professional design background, my clients can also take advantage of my 20+ years of Advertising Agency and Corporate Design insight / experience, along with practical applications as Brand Identity Development, Logo Design, Marketing Website Design, Social Media Brand/Business Page Design, and Corporate Communication Design. And to succeed, my clients will confirm, you will need more than what a 'web technician' or a 'free' D-I-Y template solution can offer.

I personally invite you to explore this website at your convenience, examine my credentials and portfolio, then -- when you are ready -- contact us to arrange an informal meeting to discuss your challenges and explore the various ways I can re-energize your Brand Identity and Business Website, all for very reasonable rates, using original, professional design, to make YOU look both successful and credible in the eyes of your prospects.

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