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Testimonials: We invite you to have a look at what our clients have been kind enough to say about us and our work. Please take a few moments to read  these encouraging words we have received. To all, we warmly say;  "Thank you very much for being so gracious".

WE INVITE YOU TO HAVE A LOOK at what our clients have been kind enough to say about us and our work. Please take a few moments to read these encouraging words we have received. To all, we warmly say; "Thank you very much for being so gracious".

JUST the THING Interiors | Toronto ON:
Brand Identity, B2C Marketing Website & Print Design
"I have had the great pleasure recently of working with Christopher Läspä of 999 Art Direction.

I had been thinking of setting up a website for my company for quite some time, but being totally out of my element, I hesitated to go ahead, especially as I was also in need of a new "brand". When I got to know Christopher and his approach to web-design better through BNI, what appealed to me was the fact that he had an advertising background, rather than a computer background. This was what I was looking for! From our discussions and my answers to a detailed questionnaire, he was able to visualize the type of website that would suit the image I was hoping to project. And, since he gave me a very reasonable quote to create that image, I decided to go ahead.

He started by creating a mock-up of the concept, complete with a new logo, for us to discuss. This required very little fine-tuning, as he seemed to get "me" immediately. As the creation of the site unfolded, Christopher kept me in the loop completely. He created a prototype site which I was able to access on-line so I could follow his progress. He explained his reasoning thoroughly, accepted my criticisms graciously, and encouraged me to contribute to the effort. His enthusiasm for the project throughout was unflagging. Even when 99% of the work was completed, he gleaned some nuggets of inspiration from our casual conversation and was keen to add them to the site to "kick things up a notch".

Christopher is also very web-savvy, Not only was he concerned with the creation of my image, he was also concerned with how he would ensure that it would be easily accessible on-line. He paid particular attention to the type of language and key phrases that would make the site come up on a web search. And he was careful to keep the site simple enough so that even dated computers with dial-up Internet access could view it easily.

Christopher, you made me look good! And you made me feel good about myself and the work I do. Thanks for the new JUST the THING."

-- Mary Bannet | Principal and Certified Interior Decorator of JUST the THING Interiors

SoToSpeak | Toronto ON:
Brand Identity, Print Design & B2B Marketing Website
"Let me take this opportunity to let you know how very pleased I was with the work you have done for 'SoToSpeak'.

The concept and design of my mail out brochure and business card was most impressive. I think you had called it "inspirational", and I totally agree that it was just that -- comments from recipients were to bear that out as well.

I did also appreciate your attentiveness -- helping me with MailMerge -- and of course the research done for the best possible price and quality for printing. The finished product indicates your very strong ability to fully understand and compete in an ever changing competitive marketplace.

Well done, Chris, thanks again and I wish you continued success."

-- Kathryn Preston | Principal and Vocal Coach of So To Speak

A1 Bookkeeping Solutions | Ennismore & Toronto ON:
Brand Identity, B2B Marketing Website & Print Design
"I have had the privilege of using Christopher's expertise for almost 10 years. He has designed my website along with providing me with an excellent logo. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for a corporate identity, website, business cards, brochures as he has designed these for me. Using Christopher's services guarantees the results you are looking for."

-- Anne Henry | Principal and Bookkeeping Specialist of A1 Bookkeeping Solutions

Resilient Leaders Network | Toronto ON:
Brand Identity, B2B Marketing Website
"Christopher offers the rare combination of creativity, focus and precision. He is a great partner to work with. I am extremely happy with both the process and outcome of creating my first website with him."

-- Jenny Howe | Principal and Founder of The Resilient Leaders Network

Tobi Brockway Interiors Inc. | Toronto & Niagara-on-the-Lake ON:
Brand Identity, B2C Marketing Website
"When I started my home-based interior design firm in 2006, I hired Christopher Laspa to create my website from scratch. For the past 10 years, he's been updating it by adding to my portfolio, media releases and SEO improvements. With Christopher's expertise, over 50% of my signed clients contacted me after seeing my website. The feedback I've received from potential clients has always been incredibly positive. I look forward to working with Christopher for another 10 years!"

-- Tobi Brockway | Principal and Accredited Interior Decorator of Tobi Brockway Interiors Inc.

The Decision Enabler® | Toronto ON:
Brand Identity, B2B Marketing Website & Print Design
"Throughout our project to create a new website and logo, Christopher provided highly competent technical and creative services. More than that, he gave us valuable advice and input into our marketing efforts, from his very broad experience and know-how. It is a pleasure exchanging ideas with him and watching him turn those ideas into the finished product. The results were excellent, the cost reasonable and the delivery when promised. Without hesitation I can and have recommended his work to others."

-- Al Brockway | President (Now retired) of The Decision Enabler®

So now that you have read a few random samplings of our client testimonials, we invite you to contact us to arrange a time to meet. We sincerely look forward to hearing from you soon.

"Great ideas just need a pencil to start."

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