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Overview: Valuable information for the Small Business Owner of One.

"To Succeed, you FIRST need YOUR BUSINESS to STAND OUT as an 'Original'."
"Our DESIGN starts with a Purpose & and Idea, not just a Template & some Plugins."

EVEN WITH THE ADVENT of Social Media, a small business still needs a crisp Brand Identity and a Marketing Website. It is the core of all Marketing activities. These establish credibility and stability through a consistent brand image, explains the offerings / services, etc, and allows you to control of the conversation. Social Media can't offer this, but it can facilitate building a community using a two-way dialogue. In short though, everything should point back to your Marketing website.

For those who are serious about their business, a Marketing Website that is inspired, mature, elegant -- and blends an air of unique Style with Business Credibility -- is a necessity. You need to appear stable and want to be memorable to get on your prospects 'short list'. But to get noticed you first need to stand out as an 'Original'.

And that's precisely what we at 999 Art Direction do. We create 'Originals'.

We start by discussing where you want to go, who you want to court. We create communication design for the BRAVE, because after all -- you need to have a bit of courage to stand out in the online world of 'wannabes'. A 'timid' or 'conservative' approach doesn't get you the attention required. We help you be unique -- but in an original, dignified, and refined way.

We're definitely not for everyone. We're an established Toronto design firm who has a dedicated passion for what we do, and what we do is help SoHo businesses (Small-Office Home-Office) succeed through strategic, mature design, utilizing our unique Advertising Agency & Corporate Communication insight. Yes, our fees are reasonable for those serious, and can also be somewhat negotiable.

We invite you to explore our site -- have a look at our Services page to see what else we offer that complements our website design, our About Us page which highlights our past experience that you can draw upon, and last but not least -- don't forget to spend some time with our Portfolio which has a selection of highlight samples of our past and current Branding, Print and Website design.

Then, when you are ready, we invite you to contact us to arrange a time to meet via Zoom to discuss your communication design challenges in greater detail. We're confident you'll be glad you did.

'"For every man-made problem, there is AT LEAST one man-made idea!"
Three Tips for Successful Design Projects:
Most people think the world of design is 'easy'. In fact, it can be quite challenging to the unitiated. But a seasoned design professional can help you navigate this issue-ridden environment. So for complete success, you should consider the following, no matter WHO you end up working with.
1. Get Access to the BEST Photography you can:
Most design and communication projects rely on photography to either support or provoke. Tiny shots taken by an assistant, associate, or well-meaning family member generally won't do. Consider budgeting for either a professional photographer or stock images. We can help you establish the parameters and sourcing. It doesn't matter if your project is an updated website, a hand-out, or corporate brochure. The specs for all of these are different, and the photography needs to meet the grade for your success.
2. Be Infinitely Aware of YOUR Business. Live it!:
Many projects, be they print or online, require insight. Before concepts can be created, or copy can be written, an in depth knowledge of your business needs to be understood. What makes you unique in your market? The answer ISN'T "because we're the best." You have to dig deeper. You should find what you're looking for in your most recent business plan. We look for angles that can be used in creating a unique perspective that separates you from your competition. If you need help with this, we may be able to help.
3. Keep an Open Mind:
While it is great you come to us with a 'vision', you may be missing an even greater communication opportunity. It happens, as sometimes you can get married to your vision and then see nothing else. Sometimes the ideas we present can be outside ones 'comfort zone'. Good. If you are a bit nervous, we're onto something solid that will get attention. Just remember -- the business world is littered with 'safe' concepts that have done nothing (except make the ad agencies fat). Conversely, it is also littered with businesses who rose up from nothing, thanks to having faith in their design firm or ad agency who presented them with an 'edgy' or 'outside the box' concept. Points to consider, and we are happy to discuss them with you at length, when we meet, at your convenience.
4. Plan:
Engaging and provocatiove creative solutions don't happen in 5 minutes. They take time, because they are the 'Unknown that comes out of the Known' and they need to be found. And that can take time. So plan for this process to take time. And we can give you a rough idea how long the various elements of design could possibly take. The actual design and building of a website has to be done methodically as well otherwise the user experience will suffer. Again, that takes time. So if you are looking for a 'rush job', maybe we are the wrong design firm for you? Honesty is the best policy.

Our wide and varied design expertise is a splendid fit for these visually challenging, yet demanding business categories:

Professional Artisans (Custom Makers)
Book / Magazine Publishers

Interior Designers
Interior Decorators
In-House IT or Marketing Departments requiring Creative Design & Marketing expertise on a project by project basis
Independent Researchers (R&D)
Independent Engineers / Engineering firms
Hospitality / Designer Cuisine Consultants
Wines & Spirits Trade Distributors
Independent Lawyers / Legal Consultants
Business Coaches / Mentors
Consultants to Business
Independent Architects
Landscape Architect firms
Restoration firms
Just about any Small Office / Home Office (SoHo) professional service firm seeking credibility via a refined and professional presence on the web
While we service a wide range of business categories, regrettably we do not do work for eCommerce, online retailers, or multi-level marketers.

"Great ideas just need a pencil to start."

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