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Services: We invite you to explore, in depth, the various unique design services we offer.

MANY OF OUR EXISTING Toronto clients know us as web designers. This is understandable, as that is what they thought they needed right away in order for their business to be viewed as credible and desirable in their specific marketplace(s). Just merely a website.

But we provide far more than just unique and original website designs -- even if you think you are looking for 'just a new site'. Whether you feel you could use these services now, or as your business expands, it pays to know where the resources are when you DO need them.

That said, please do yourself a favour and carefully review all of our services below to familiarize yourself with what we offer. Don't forget to look at our Portfolio section and our About Us page to review our credentials in advertising and corporate design/communications.

Typically, we're asked to just create a web presence. But after reviewing available content with the prospective client, quite often it is agreed that MUCH more is required. On the right is a list of elements that are usually required to be 'refreshed' in order to create the 'crisp', consistent image that is desired for success in the marketplace. Many business owners consider all, or some combination of these, to be the bare 'essentials'.
Logo (Brand Mark): Often this may have been initially grabbed from some form of 'clip art' and doesn't really speak to the objectives of the firm. Colours, typography, and style, need to be developed along with the Logo. Once this work is done to establish the basics of a consistent 'Brand Identity', the rest is easy.
Website / Web Page: For most home-based businesses, a simple 'Marketing' or 'Informational' website is all that is required. We can design and build this using the new Brand Identity we have created. You can start to see the Brand Consistency happen at this point.
Business Cards: Believe it or not, business cards ARE still important! Why? Because myriads of small businesses still network in person and hand these out. Therefore, it really pays to have your cards carrying your newly created Brand Identity. If you need to be 'digitally connected', we can add a QR code to the cards for smartphone connectivity.
Stationery: Depending on your business, you should have a supply of pre-printed letterhead and envelopes (ideally No. 9 & No. 10). Since most of your general correspondence will be via email, the supply of physical stationery won't need to be large. Again, this really depends on the nature of your business.
Hand-outs / Brochures: Hey! Isn't that what my website is for -- to avoid the cost of 'print'? Not really. Websites are 'passive' meaning you have to send prospects to them, but hand-outs are 'aggressive' meaning they get given to prospects. These prospects could be a trade shows, networking events, and any other sort of business gathering were you want to make an INSTANT impression. Again, these are defined by the type of business you are in.
Advertising / Self-Promotion: You may be in a business that requires actual advertising to be created. We can help you with that. We can also offer some ideas on self-promotion as well -- be it online OR offline. Feel free to ask.

The evloution of a typical client Brand Developement

Tip 1: Pick no more than 2 or 3 social media channels to participate in, and base that decision on your target audience. Often the same message can go to both, thus confining your time commitment.
Tip 2: Ensure that your Brand Identity is visible in the most professional manner possible. That includes logos, colours, and any photography. Since we likely created your Brand Identity, it would make sense that we can help you there, as we have done this for many others.
Tip 3: Ensure that ALL the descriptors, per channel, are filled in and are accurate for prospects to connect with you. DON'T leave your 'About Us' section empty, for example.
Tip 4: You should be active 3-4 days a week, but life will get in the way. Never mind, do what you can, but don't sluff it off. Your Search results can suffer if you do, as much of that is connected.

Social Media frightens a lot of owners of small-businesses-of-one because of the time investment; and the lack of immediate ROI in financial terms. Many see it incorrectly as only a sales channel. Given that a great amount of time IS required to build relationships with your customer-base within these channels, often there isn't the money to finance a qualified person to keep the effort up while you, the business owner, concentrates on the business at hand. But for those who can invest some time in these 'digital-age leviathans', you will STILL need your specific channels 'branded'. We can help you with that aspect to ensure you look as professional as possible, while presenting that consistent image that is so necessary for success. To the left is some thoughts and insight regarding some of the design challenges we can overcome for you.

We apply your Brand to your Social Media Channels too.

For those businesses that simply require 'a design project', we're happy to discuss your needs. We've had the privilege of working on several over the last few decades in the Advertising Agency & Corporate Marketing world. On the right is a list of just some of the items we've been involved in creating and overseeing to completion.

Corporate Folders, brochures, hand-outs
Tent cards, table-talkers
POS hanging posters, banners, easel back display cards
CD labels, covers, booklets
Transit posters, cards, banners, advertising, system route maps
Trade advertising
Animated GIFs, Banner ads

Calendars, booklets, tickets, door-hangers
Custom gift cards, dealer promo scratch cards
Cosmetic bottle labels
Mug design, cast metal key FOBs, custom promotional design
Game boards, Gaming POS
Software splash screens
Promo landing pages

[ Popular Web Myths Exposed ]

Are you aware of the various 'myths' surrounding web design for the home-based business? Well, learn more about these web myths here and how to identify them.

[ Even static HTML brochure-type sites can be socially well connected! ]

Your static site and how it can still interact with all the various social media channels.

[ A custom created Temporary Home Page can act as a perfect placeholder until your full website is completed! ]

In the event you would like to be visible online BEFORE the website we are creating will be completed, may we suggest a custom designed 'Temporary Home Page'? Ask us more about the benefits of these.


We're always getting bombarded by information. But what if you are not sure if it is accurate? 'You don't know, what you don't know' applies here. That's why we debunk myths here. "But how does my website interact with Social Media?" Simple. The diagram easily explains. "Do I really need a full-blown website?" Maybe not. We've done single page 'starters' for others before. If you are just starting out, maybe our 'Start-up and Go Like a Pro' offer is for you (See below).

Regardless, if you have questions, reach out -- we'll be happy to help clarify!

"Great ideas just need a pencil to start."

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