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Portfolio: WE INVITE YOU to have a look around this Portfolio section, in order to get a feel for the wide range of work we have created for others over the years. Please remember, what we do for our clients is COMPLETELY original to meet their communication needs. All of our work is CUSTOM CREATED for our clients, and takes careful deliberation and consideration to craft -- always in partnership with our client. Please look around and then give us a call to discuss your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

"We invite you to have a look around this Portfolio section, in order to get a feel of the wide range of Design we have created for others, like you, over the years."

Of course, the work we will create for you will be completely unique to your requirements. We encourage you to take a closer look at us. Then -- when you are ready -- contact us to arrange a time to discuss your requirements. We're sure you'll see the difference.

Micro-thumbnails of some of our web design work that appears in the tour.

Past Marketing Websites Icon

We've had the opportunity to work direct with a number of very exciting home-based and corporate enterprise clients. A number of the websites here vary from being B2B (business) to B2C (consumer). Regardless the audience, each has been a unique challenge, and they're here because we're proud of the work. For those curious, most in this tour are available to see in their entirety and privately offline.

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Past Advertising, Corporate & Marketing Icon

We've done just about everything in the 'print realm'. Some of our more interesting challenges follow. Yes, there are samples here that stretch back 30 years, but they were very unique visual solutions created precisely to cut through a noisy marketplace.

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Micro-thumbnails of some of our advertising, corporate & marketing print design work that appears in the tour.
Micro-thumbnails of some of our brand mark (logo) design work that appears in the tour.

Brand Marks (Logo) Icon

Brand marks (or logos) are just part of the story. We've also created various 'icons' as well for use in special promotions. Everything you see here is original, and created specifically to stand-out and be noticed. Some are still in use after being created 40 years ago. All have been created with great deliberation and consideration as to the final applications. Some are from our corporate days, others are for business-owners-of-one.

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Self-Promotion Icon

At various times, we have created self-promotion items for use either online in social media channels, or as print elements for use at networking events or simply general promotional events. The items either fall very closely to our brand identity, or experimentally stray to test out new evolutionary concepts. They're certainly worth looking at, as this is design with no-compromise.

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Micro-thumbnails of some of our self-promotion design work that appears in the tour.
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A Very Small Selection of Our Currently Active Client Websites
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JUST the THING: Certified Interior Decorator
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A1 Bookkeeping Solutions: Bookkeeper & Training
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The Success Story Program: Personal & Executive Brand Coach
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Requiesce In Pace: Sami (Samiarto) Suomalainen
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"Great ideas just need a pencil to start."

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