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WHERE Magazines International


Corporate Re-Branding: Striking Kit Cover Design for Corporate International Use.

Our Involvement:

Creative Concept, Design, and Art Direction.

Additional Previous Advertising & Corporate Design Samples to Explore:
WHERE Magazines International
Corporate Marketing Folder for Franchise prospectus, Investment documents and/or Corporate Sales materials, used globally

Mitsubishi Consumer Electronics
Category Break Through National Magazine Print Campaign Launch ad for Product Line re-launch
Mitsubishi Consumer Electronics
Three additional re-launch National Magazine Print Campaign ads

WHERE Magazines International
Corporate ad that launched the Global Corporate re-branding
WHERE Magazines International
International Sales brochure incorporating the re-branding initiative. One out of a series of six created

3Com (Canada)
Multi-Page Consumer Product Brochure
Maxine Warsh Facial Rejuvenation
Label for a product line created directly from brand mark extension.

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